Frequently Asked Questions

Using the product

What happens if I use ordinary silver polish on items plated with Alexander Hamilton House Silver Secret Plater?

Traditional silver polishes are abrasive and gradually wear away silver on any silver plated object. For the best results, silver plate periodically with Alexander Hamilton House Silver Secret Plater and/or polish regularly with our Enhancing Polish!

Why does the surface go dark as I apply the plater?

The darkening effect is a result of the molecular process taking place and means that pure silver is being transferred to the object.

Do I have to clean the object before I apply your plater?

No. It contains a cleaning agent, which brings any dirt and tarnish to the surface before plating the clean base metal. If the object is very dirty, you may wish to remove the surface dirt with soap and water to make the most economical use of our Plater.

My silver plated item is scratched and worn. Will your plater restore it?

Alexander Hamilton House Silver Secret Plater will add pure silver to the surface but will not fill in the scratch marks.

Will my silver fade or tarnish after using Alexander Hamilton House Silver Plater?

Your silver will not fade and it will tarnish at a much slower rate than if you used ordinary silver polish, as both our Silver Plater and Enhancing Polish contain a tarnish inhibitor, as well as pure silver.

After applying the plater, how long will the layer of silver plate last?

It is there permanently and will not wash away however, the use of traditional polishes will gradually wear away any silver plate.

Some of my antique, sterling silver pieces seem dull even after polishing. Can your product be used on solid silver?

Yes, they will add a fine layer of new silver, rekindling the object’s original sheen and luster.

My silver plated item has not been touched in years and is black. What should I do?

Clean first in warm, soapy water, dry thoroughly and apply our Silver Plater. Rinse again in warm water before applying a second coat. More silver is added with each application. Two to three coats should be sufficient for even the dirtiest objects.

I have silver at home which is showing red/yellow marks which do not disappear with normal polishing. Can your product help?

Yes, it can! The silver plate has worn away and the base metal of copper, brass or EPNS is showing through. Simply apply Alexander Hamilton House Silver Secret Plater to restore your worn item to its former glory!

Will replating with Alexander Hamilton House Silver Secret Plater affect the value of my antique silver?

Yes, it will increase the value of your silver plate. Traditional silver plating may make your antiques look like reproductions. Our products help you restore your antique and retain the patina.

Does the plater work on everything?

Silver Secret Plater does have its limitations. It will not fill in scratch marks or remove corrosion. It will not silver plate plastic, porcelain and some non-copper based metals such as aluminum, chrome, iron or stainless steel. It will not work on pot metal, commonly used in pieces during the 19th century.

How many items can I restore with a 50 ml bottle of plater?

A 50 ml bottle of our Plater will plate about 6-8 items the size of a butter dish, depending on the condition of the object. It will cover approximately one square yard of surface area.

How do I use this product?

See our directions.

Details about purchasing

Which retail stores stock Alexander Hamilton House Silver Secret?

None, Alexander Hamilton House Silver Secret is exclusively available through this website, or by calling our office. You can pick it up to save on shipping & handling if you like. Order direct in person here.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but aside from Canada, our shipping rates are variable by country and order. Because of this, Paypal will say that shipping is free, but this is not the case. Once an order is completed, international shipping is calculated and invoiced separately through Paypal.

How is shipping calculated?

US Priority Mail Shipping is based on amount of product total:

Up to $60.00 – Shipping: $12.99
$60.01 to $90.00 – Shipping: $14.99
$90.01 to $120.00 – Shipping: $16.99
$120.01 and up – Shipping: $18.99

Canada Priority Mail Shipping is based on amount of product total:

Up to $60.00 – Shipping: $14.99
$60.01 to $90.00 – Shipping: $16.99
$90.01 to $120.00 – Shipping: $18.99
$120.01 and up – Shipping: $20.99