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Silver and silver plated products need constant maintenance and restoration. Traditional silver polishes available in the United States are caustic, toxic, or abrasive chemicals which make silver shine by removing a fine layer of the silver. The result over time, is that the silver plate becomes thinner and thinner until the base metal shows through, no amount of polishing will help. The only known remedy has been costly electroplating. Replating an antique changes its look. No longer is it distinguished by the wonderful patina associated with antique silver. Replating makes your piece too shiny, like a modern day reproduction, decreasing its value.

Alexander Hamilton House Silver Secret is a breakthrough in metal care for the 21st century. European antique dealers have been using the Plater and Enhancing Polish for over a decade to restore and maintain their silver plated treasures. Both products are non-abrasive, non-toxic, non-flammable and ecologically safe, good for both silver and the environment.

Alexander Hamilton House Silver Secret Plater replates worn silver plated items as you polish. It leaves the antique patina while replacing with real silver, areas where copper or copper-based metals show through. Luster and sheen are restored. The value of your antique silver is increased. Although more expensive than silver polish sold in the United States, our plater is a fraction of the cost of electroplating and permanently replaces silver plating without making your antique silver look like a modern day reproduction.

Silver Secret Plater – 150 ml – SOLD OUT!

Silver Secret Plater – 4 x 50 ml pack – $26.99

Silver Secret Plater – 1 L – SOLD OUT!

Silver Secret Enhancing Polish – 150 ml – $14.99

Silver Secret Enhancing Polish – 5 x 50 ml pack (250 ml!!!) – $17.99

Silver Secret Enhancing Polish – 1 L – SOLD OUT!

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